Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nuffnang Blog Awards Gala Dinner

Continuous Post - 6.00 p.m.

Remember I rushed back from Vivo City. Yeah! I still have my own sweet time to take a nap. How nice, until some one rang my room phone. Nick picked up and it was my friend asking me whether need to wear coat or not and bla bla ? Luckily I was not the one answering the phone , or not I will screw him up! You are big enough to decide things okay? Perhaps the invitation stated very clearly that the dinner will be held in Pan Pacific Hotel!So, what do u think!

I was not satisfied with my outfit. I was so forgetful . I had forgotten to bring my tie and Belt for my pants. So, It looks not complete to me ! All because of my laziness for not packing earlier. I wore my coat on, styled my hair with hair spray and spray some perfume around my coat to make myself smell nice.

Had a one last shot before going down to the lobby!

I saw two girls with such a beautiful dresses were waiting for the elevators. I was intend to greet them "hi" but was unsure whether there were also from nuffnang! When the elevators opened, I was so surprised and shocked. All Nuffnangers were already waiting at the lobby for the bus.I had attended lots of event for the past year and this was my very first time seeing so many pretty girls and ladies wearing dresses holding their Big SLR camera with flashlight. I was very impressed by the scenario which I had never come across. Everybody is well-dressed and they were busy taking photos. The lobby link hotel was filled by Nuffnang

This is what usually what blogger will do. Look at them , They were busy taking photos!

I was excited when I saw kennysia was standing at the lobby there. Later , I saw Chessie appeared and lastly when I walked towards the bus , I saw Nicolekiss was posing with the expensive car outside the lobby! I am their all time readers.

Not really socializing during our way to Pan Pacific Hotel.

While waiting to go down from the bus, I looked out from the bus window and I saw so manyyyy bloggers were there. Flashlight flashing non- stop ! My heart beat faster and faster. I told myself this time is a really grand event. Walking to the Pan pacific hotel, Two guy wearing suit opened the door for us. Flashlight flash towards my eyes making me looking stars. It was a overwhelming experience walking on the red carpet which is the first time in my life!

It was so packed with all the bloggers. Everybody was talking during the cocktail session. They served pringles with different colours. So many colourful dresses distract my attention. It made me think couples of minutes of the type of their fabric as I am into fashion design nowadays. Everybody is holding big big camera! I have mine too! My Nikon D90. No more Compact camera can be seen!

Photo-ing with the nuffnang banner !

After registering, each of us got a booklet from nuffnang! It was the reddish cover ! I glancing through every pages , I think it was a well-made booklet! I like the design of the book.

ADD ON - Let me give you some introduction about this event. First of all, Nuffnang is an advertising company for blogs. So, Nuffnang had invited 60 of the region’s best bloggers, and 360 bloggers and guests for this 3 Day 2 Night to Singapore. I would like to make it clear that I was only a guest of Nickchan.

8.30 p.m. - Walked in the the grand ball room

This is how the ballroom look like. Allan Wu was the Emcee of the night. Now i can get to see his real person . Previously I only can see him through the television programme- Amazing Race.

Nuffnang gave everbody a small gift which was placed on the table .

#1 Here comes the light snack the bread. I was so stupid! You know at first I though of maybe is a buffet or some kind of course dinner! I didn't know it was a fine dining type one with four serving!

#2 Marinated Smoked Tuna with Feta, Herb Salad, and Balsamic Olive Oil

#3Light Cream of Asparagus and Green Peas topped soup with a Chive Mousseline.

Main course – Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast with Saffron Cheesy Mash Potato and Balsamic Reduction Mediterranean Vegetable in Mango Coriander Salsa Sauce

Desserts - Cake

I generally like all the food that were served! No complaints

Both are Nuffnang Big bosses delivering their speech on the stage! They also shared their experiences with us.

Two us siao kia ! Camwhore again!

There were lots of programme during the dinner. There were some nuffnang videos from last time till today, which a funny one! After that was the magic show, performed from J C Sum and Babe Ning as they were the famous world class Illusionist . The electrico band was so noisy and the songs all were all sucks. I have bad review for this . Sorry nuffnang

Here is the results for the nominated blog.

Winner for Blogshop, Bonito Chico

Winner for the Best Food Blog was I Eat I Shoot I Post

Winner for best fashion blog was Lady Melbourne from Australia

Winner for Best Parenting Blog was won by Childhood 101

Winner for Best Travel Blog was won by Iron Wulf.

The Best Entertainment Blog was won away by Kenny Sia

The Best Celebrity Blog was won by my favourite celebrity in the list, Joanne Peh. I didn't know She was the actress of Singapore until I read about the blog. I used to watch Singapore drama so I actually know who is her!

The best Hidden Gem Blog award by The doodle girl

The Best Original Blog Design,The Most Influential Blog award and the Region’s Best Blog by Xia Xue

Look at kennysia. Trying to act cute!

I will post all the people I took photograph with !

The Best Original Blog Design,The Most Influential Blog award and the Region’s Best Blog by Xia Xue. She looked better in real life.

They are my new friends from the dinner. I had forgotten another guy name! Sorry, I found out that they both like designing too!

The always look young vvens. She is cute rite!

The very japanese face fourfeetnine. I love her eyes so big big!

The Best Entertainment Blog - Kennysia. Nick told me He has an Aussie accent!

My Favorite Cheesie . She has a very high fashion taste. I love her Japanese style fashion. I love her fahion photopgrahy!

I though Nicolekiss would have won the best travel blog! Nevermind I will still continue reading your blog! I like her traveling life.

This lady just attracted my attention. Her long long eyelashes attracted me ! I had forgotten her name, but at last I found out that she was called the red mummy! haha

This is my aussie friend!

He is Sam. What I remember was his friend was a formal Leo .

She is Rei. We finally got the chance to have photograph and have a little chat with each other . We actually from the same table!

At last I took two photographs with these two important person!

Nuffnang Bosses

I got a name card from Boss Ming. Of course I exchanged mine with him!

12.30a.m. - We went back to hotel

Stay tune for the Singapore one day tour trip post !

Arrived In Singapura

Continue Previous Post - 10.45a.m.

So, Nick's Brother Came all the way to the airport from his campus to meet us.

We put our luggages at Nick's Parents hotel room which is at Bugis. Since We have nothing to do cause' we reached early , We walked along Bugis. Check out time in Link Hotel is at 2.00p.m.

I was not familiar with all the places Singapore at all. Nevermind I still have a good tour guide with me . I am referring to Nick.Haha

Just post some photograph which I took during my walk at Bugis.

OH My God! Why I looked like I was going to cry! Super hot the weather !

This is the temple at the back if Ibis Hotel which is Nick's parents Hotel.

Whenever I walk places along the temple , I will definitely see Pigeon!

After That to a shop . I forgotten what is the shop name! I ordered a bowl of pork rib mee sua. The soup taste like Bak kut teh !

After walking at Bugis, We went up to take our languages and we took a cab to our hotel - Link Hotel.

You know what! The taxi driver was lousy enough! We told him our destination and He asked us do we know where is link Hotel! Luckily Nick told the taxi driver that there is a market nearby Link Hotel . At last we have reached Link hotel.

Good Taxi driver he discounted the taxi fare for us !


" Excuses Me May I help you guys "

" We want to check in, We wanna check in Under Nuffnang"

" Alright sir, your Company Nuffnang will pay for your 3 days 2 nights stay in Link Hotel"

" Alright Thank you!"

This is the room . It was quite small to be honest, but overall is still okays!

I was so lazy after lying at the bed , Nick was busy with his internet thingy.


We decided to go out ! I was actually too lazy to go out under the scorching sun. but there is no point sleeping at hotel when you are on vacation!

We headed to the nearest MRT station which is Autrum Park.

I was stupid to be surprised that the next station from Autrum Park is Vivo City !

Vivo City shopping mall!

I was too free to do jump shot!

A close up Photo!

My leg was very pain and feel like going back to hotel but Nick insisted to buy the singtel prepaid card but at last he did't get to buy cause he need Passport to buy the prepaid card as we are foreigner.

5.10 p.m. - We rushed Back to hotel to get ready for our Gala Dinner! See you! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Departure to Singapore

I was proud to be invited by nickchan to Singapore for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards which is sponsored by Nuffnang.I was long time never kept in touch with my blog. I guess I was kind of lazy to blog and maybe lack of interest for that short period. Never mind readers I am back now and I promise you guys I will continue blogging consistently wont blog half way and stop . I actually did not know about this until he asked me whether I am interested or not. Hell yes! I am interested!

"Hey, tell me when you wanna buy your D90?Buy it this few days la !"

" Why suddenly ask me go buy"

" You been to Singapore before?"

"Yea, twice"

"I wan invite you to Singapore"

I was so on top of the world!

" How much"

" It is all free !"

" You faster decide and I wanna boom air ticket . You let me know by today!"

" Ok will let you know!
Wow, I immediately rush to mum's room and asked her for the permission to go Singapore and I told mum that it is all free just have to pay for the air ticket cause there is not direct bus from Penang to Singapore and it is not worth taking bus to Kuala Lumpur meet Nuffnangers and then from there only go Singapore! If we choose to meet them at KL we have to actually go a day earlier to KL which is totally not worth!It sounded quite convincing! Mum finally say YES!

Greedy me asked mum one more thing which I wanted very long!

" Mummy ar.. Abo this few days I go buy the camera . Can ar !"

" You go count the amount of the money which you sold for your Camera and gears"

" So sad I took out all my saving out and gave it all to mum to bank in !"

" Mum say OK and will issue the cheque this few days."

This was also the chance for me to buy a new camera which I wanted all the while! Thanks Nick!

Morning 7.15 - Dad fetched me to the airport. Nick reached the airport and was already waiting for me at the check in counter!

I was careless enough for not bringing my toothbrush! No worries I bought it at the airport

I was not really that excited when I stepped to the airport, I just don't know why!

Waiting at the air ticket counter!

Nick's parents ordered me a Mac D breakfast and a cup of coffee before we entering the gate!

I wasted the coffee . I don't know how to drink coffee one! Dad helped me drink a small cup!

Queening up to the airplane! ( oops. Spelling error for the above Photo- Departure !)

I was kinda excited when I walking in to the airplane. The last time I sat airplane was way back to last year during the trip to US.

Finally we reached at Changi airport after boarding at the airplane for approximately one and a half hour!

Nick's brother will meet us at the airport.

Stay tune!